4 Tips to Learn the Guitar and Build Technique

Starting out playing the guitar can be rough for many beginners. Learning the chords and the position of hands, as well as how to play some of the elemental songs is the basic of it, but sometimes even the basic is too difficult.

That is why there are many tips that can come handy for your first guitar lessons, and they are great for you to practice in your free time. Therefore, here we are going to share the best advice, so you can start playing right away and build a better guitar technique.

The left-hand grip

One of the most important lessons before learning to play the guitar is how to hold it. And while a lot of people start focusing on chords and other things, taking care of where you put the fingers of your left hand, as well your grip is something incredibly important if you are trying to improve.

Build your technique

One of the most common mistakes is putting your thumb over the top of the fretboard. While most of the beginners out there think that this is a more comfortable position, the truth is that is actually bad for your overall technique. The best way to hold your guitar is by putting your thumb on the back of your guitar’s neck.

The correct fingering

Another important subject is the placing of your fingers while you play. Most of the time we choose to go with the easy step and place our fingers the most comfortable way possible, especially when we play chords, but this is actually not recommendable since you will end up confusing yourself and failing when you play your basic chords or scales.

Don’t be scared of using the “difficult” chords

Many beginners make the mistake of being afraid of using the most advanced chords, they even avoid them.  Don’t be afraid of playing B minor or other complicated chords, since they are the key for building a better technique, as well you’ll break that invisible wall of rookies by playing those tricky chords.

Playing the guitar can be scary for a beginner who does not know how to start, but don’t worry, with these tips you will get the hang of it quickly, you will improve your overall technique and be a little more efficient when you play the guitar.

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