3 Best Online Guitar Websites for Beginners

If you ever wanted to play the guitar but you couldn’t make time for an academy or private lessons, you might consider looking through the internet and see what the best websites are, in guitar lessons to finally teach you how to play properly.

The Internet has a lot of websites available that can offer you online classes, but some of them don’t work at all. That’s why we are going to tell you about the best websites in guitar lessons, so you can finally nail the basics of it and become a great musician in no time.


One of the most complete websites in guitar-learning-tips is Guitartricks since it has a great list of well-known songs that you can start playing from the get-go. It’s also known for being a friendly website for beginners.

You can learn the basics chords, as well as multiple techniques which will help you constantly improve in your overall style of playing the guitar. Additionally, Guitartricks is great as well if you are an advanced musician looking to learn more songs.


With live courses and over ninety different instructors, JamPlay is one of the biggest websites for guitar lessons, as well a great way to finally start rocking your guitar with a lot of iconic songs from the past.

It has interesting features and has a lot of videos that can help you shape the way you play. While the advanced courses in JamPlay might feel a little incomplete, the beginner’s course is complete and well made.

Fender Play

Fender is an international brand of musical instruments that are praised for their quality and sound and Fender Play is an application and a website that teach you the basics in guitar and bass. Fender has multiple clinics that show you different styles, as well as private classes and multiple videos.

The platform of Fender play is made mostly for beginners since you can interact with the website and learn a little more about the basics of your instrument. With a great site design and interesting features, Fender Play is definitely a must if you want to learn guitar, bass or even ukulele.

With these great learning platforms, you should be able to get the hand of your instrument. Keep in mind that most of these websites need you to pay a full membership, but it is worth the price for learning to play your guitar.

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