6 Simple Ways to Fix A Broken Acoustic Guitar Head

Many people who have guitars have had accidents or misfortunes happening, which ended up breaking it. It’s entirely normal, it happens to the best of us at least once.

So do not worry if it has also happened to you, do not stress. The first thing you should do is calm down so you can solve the problem and have your guitar in good condition again. Here we will leave you some simple steps to fix a broken acoustic guitar head by yourself.


First, you must get some essential materials to repair your guitar. The first is the wood glue, as only this type of glue will help you compact the broken wood. You should also get alcohol, cotton, sandpaper, and gloves to protect your hands. It is also necessary to have tools such as a screwdriver, pliers and a mechanical wrench at hand.

Remove the Strings

After you have all the materials, you can start actually repairing it. First of all, it is necessary to remove the strings so you can work with the guitar without doing more damage. Be careful with the screws on the tuning pegs, they tend to be small and easy to lose.


You must clean the entire guitar with alcohol and using the cotton, rubbing it all over the surface of the guitar’s head. This serves to eliminate any residue the guitar might have on it, so the paste compacts immediately and does not contaminate with any dirt or dust or whatever residue there might be.

Apply glue

First of all, it is crucial to buy quality glue, in order to protect the integrity of the wood. Then you begin to apply the glue with a special spreader for it, using as much glue as you see fit, in order to glue together as much as the damage requires. This spreader you can even make yourself up with a straw, so you should not worry about this either, it is simple enough.

Hold and dry

After gluing comes a very important part that is to hold both parts you are looking to stick back together for a while so it can compact better, and then you must rub the surface with a damp cloth, to clean off any excess glue left. Finally, you should let the guitar dry, so the best thing is to leave it in a place that does not bother anyone for a few days, minimum 4.

The important thing is they do not move or touch it, just leave the guitar still so the wood can stick back together better.


The last step would be sanding the part of the guitar that you broke and hit, and you should do this until you see the guitar grasps have the correct texture and the crack where it broke is not seen, this way it also looks more presentable.

If you have no experience, ask someone that does know how to work with sandpaper, though if you do have the experience you should have no issues, your guitar should look awesome when you’re done.

Accidents like these can be worked out, so let’s try not to despair, in order to work properly with our guitar and be able to fix the damage. Just be very careful and pay attention to detail when going about this process.

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